Diagnostic Ultrasound Retraining using Transversus Abdominis and Multifidus

Do you suffer from severe or recurring low back pain?
Do you suffer chronic groin pain?
Do you need to improve your core stability?
Ultrasound graphic 

It has been shown that people with back pain and/or groin pain are unable to independently activate their core stability muscles and as a consequence these people repeatedly suffer episodes of pain. Retraining of these muscles has been shown to significantly decrease the incidence of low back pain. Optima Sports Medicine now has a state of the art ultrasound machine which allows you to actually see your core stability; muscles working so that you know that you are doing your exercises correctly.

Q: What is real time ultrasonography (RT US)? 
A: RT US is a painless, non-invasive imaging technique used extensively in medicine. It can play an important role in the rehabilitation of people with low back pain, pelvic pain, incontinence or other conditions resulting in a lack of ‘core’ stability. RT US allows the observation of tissues that lie deep under your skin and are difficult to otherwise examine. You may already be familiar with RT US as it is commonly used to observe babies in the womb. The tissues being examined are displayed on a monitor and their movement can be seen as it actually occurs (in real time).
Q: What will I do in the retraining session?

A: Using the ultrasound machine you will be taught how to activate your ‘core stability’ muscles in a variety of positions. The ultrasound machine will also be used to make sure that you are using your ‘core stability’ muscles (and therefore protecting your spine) whenever you move. Optima Sports Medicine recommends that gaining good muscle competence in these muscles underpins the progression of all clients to effective Pilates and Gym based training, post low back instability and pain episodes. If you would like more information about ‘core stability’ retraining using the ultrasound machine please ask your treating therapist or contact reception on 3354 8666. Optima Sports Medicine’s Ultrasound Retraining is conducted by a Physiotherapist therefore you are able to claim some of the cost back from your health fund.