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Podiatry Brisbane

Podiatry at Brisbane Sports Medicine has adapted a range of specific examination techniques to help athletes identify the key factors contributing to their musculoskeletal symptoms.

We have a range of treatment options available, including comprehensive footwear advice, taping, orthoses & footwear modifications.

The overall goal of treatment of Podiatry is to optimise the function and stability of the foot and ankle, leading to improved efficiency & performance, prevention of recurrent injuries, and overall reduction in pain.


Podiatry Services

General Podiatry

Our Podiatrist is an Allied Health Professional that is trained to diagnose and treat disorders of the foot and ankle.

Podiatry services can assist with a range of “general podiatry” concerns, including postural issues, calluses, corns and problem toenails, as well as the treatment of pain in the heel, ankle, shin, arch and forefoot.

Performance Enhancement

Painful foot pathology can hinder your performance, and our Podiatrist specialises in optimising your training setup for maximum efficiency.

Clever strategies are employed to offload and protect current injuries, enhance foot and ankle stability, improve overall function, and efficiency, and manage ongoing symptoms.

Prescription Orthoses

With extensive experience in handling the most challenging foot conditions, our Podiatrist guarantees a comprehensive understanding of treatment objectives and technical details.

A meticulous biomechanical assessment enables a highly personalised approach to fine-tuning the parameters of your prescription orthoses, with the convenience of an on-site workshop for immediate adjustments and repairs.

Footwear Advice & Modifications

Choosing the right footwear is crucial for recovering from recurring foot and ankle injuries.

Our clinic employs innovative techniques to enhance functionality and prevent injury recurrence. Our Podiatrist offers comprehensive advice for both athletic and non-athletic situations, ensuring the selection of suitable footwear for work, school, or daily activities.

Brisbane Podiatry Treatment Process

Your podiatry appointment at Brisbane Sports Medicine’s Kelvin Grove Clinic entails a thorough examination of your injury history, training schedule, previous treatment, and footwear.

We also assess biomechanical and lifestyle factors that may contribute to your injury.

Our detail-focused Podiatrist records a comprehensive injury and medical history to ensure an accurate and complete diagnosis.

If you have complex or long-standing foot, ankle, or postural concerns, rest assured that our Podiatrist has ample experience and effective strategies to manage your condition.

** We recommend that you bring a few things to your appointment, to ensure that you get the most from your initial consultation. Please bring your running shoes, your work or school shoes, orthoses (if you have them), as well as any scans or reports that are relevant to your injury, as all of these items will be examined as part of your consultation. There are also specific physical and functional assessments that will be focused on identifying a diagnosis, so please wear comfortable clothes to help make these tests a little easier to manage. **

Meet Our Podiatrist

Donna Ponomarenko

Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry)
Donna graduated from Queensland University of Technology, with a Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) in 2002. Donna has over 20 years of experience working across all aspects of private practice, and has spent the bulk of her career working in Sports Medicine & High Performance clinics.

Donna was a long term Sessional Academic in the School of Clinical Sciences at QUT, where she supervised 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year Undergraduate Podiatry Students in their Musculoskeletal, Paediatrics & General clinic rotations. She also was involved in teaching practical units in 3rd & 4th Year Biomechanics & Orthotics.

Donna has a special interest in treating complex biomechanical cases, and provides in depth assessments to identify the reasoning for long-standing musculoskeletal symptoms. She particularly enjoys assisting clients who are concerned by recurrent lateral ankle instability, and resistant intermetatarsal bursitis.

Donna has extensive experience in implementing a range of offloading strategies including comprehensive footwear advice, taping, orthoses & footwear modifications, and she has the ability to successfully adapt and troubleshoot according to the individual needs of the client.