General and Sports Physiotherapy Brisbane

Physiotherapy at Brisbane Sports Medicine

We offer general physiotherapy services as well as sports physiotherapy. All our physiotherapists are APA members and are fully qualified to assess, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate a variety of injuries. We have a special interest in the field of sports medicine and have been servicing some of Queensland’s and Australia’s best athletes for more than a decade. We believe we extend our capacity to supply the highest levels of treatment and care to all our clients whether they are elite athletes or not.

Brisbane Sports Medicine is dedicated to the management of physical injuries from simple sprains to complex motor vehicle and sporting accidents. No problem is too large or small.

A multi-disciplinary approach enables the prescription of an effective treatment plan by better understanding each individual’s specific needs. We pride ourselves on our hands on approach to injury management. Our Physio’s manage conditions such as back and neck pain, muscle and ligament injuries, all sporting injuries, and post-operative rehabilitation for injuries such as ACL tears, shoulder tears etc.

For those people searching for something extra, Brisbane Sports Medicine’s clinicians have been trained to help top performing individuals to identify potential injury risks BEFORE they happen. This aspect of injury prevention is ideally linked to aid performance enhancement in athletic endeavour.

Our goals include:

  • Excellence in musculo-skeletal care
  • Minimise recovery time and return to sport
  • Prevent re-occurrences of injury/pain
  • Optimise sporting performance
  • Improve quality of life and daily function
  • Better self management programs
  • Long – term prevention programs
  • Pain management programs

We are fortunate to be able to give our clients greater choice and flexibility by offering a tiered level of service. Our clinicians have a wide range of expertise, education and experience and the staged pricing structure reflects this. Therefore you can decide on the individual therapist appropriate for caring for your specific needs.

The tiered structure offered is as follows:

APA Sports Physiotherapist

    • This title is awarded to those clinicians who have undertaken postgraduate study to enhance their knowledge and skills in the area of sports medicine and who have demonstrated professional experience of working in the sports physiotherapy field. There is a minimum requirement of 3 years experience and it is a title recognised by the Australian Olympic Committee & the Australian Sports Commission.

Post-graduate Physiotherapist

    • This is a clinician who has undertaken further study to improve and advance their skills & knowledge to offer their clients greater expertise and advice.

Graduate Physiotherapist

    • This is a clinician who has undergone the standard level of training at university (4 years full-time study) and is fully qualified to offer excellent clinical skills and treatment.

For individual profiles of the physiotherapists please refer to the staff section, for further information or bookings please contact us.

What are the benefits to you?

Our friendly and experienced physiotherapists provide our clients with:

  • Advanced skills in the assessment & treatment of musculoskeletal injuries/conditions
  • One-to-one sessions to facilitate excellence in client-centred management
  • Individually tailored, progressive rehabilitation programmes to enable you to return to sport and/or work as soon as possible
  • Biomechanical analysis of movement, including sporting skills, to determine & ultimately correct faulty technique
  • Injury prevention strategies & screening procedures
  • Potential areas for performance enhancement

So contact us today to book your appointment and experience the quality service we provide.