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Kerry is a director and owner of Eat Smart Nutrition, consulting at Brisbane Sports Medicine on Tuesdays.

Kerry has now been working as a Dietitian and Sports Dietitian for over 30 years and maintains a passion for food and nutrition, helping clients to reach their health and performance goals, which she believes go hand in hand.

Over the years she has been a consultant to many High Performance Sporting Organisations – currently working with Netball Australia as National Nutrition Manager and combining this with being the Touring Manager for the Diamonds and also with the Qld Academy of Sport as Sports Nutrition Consultant for Golf, preparing up and coming players for being touring golf professionals.

Previous organisations that Kerry has consulted with include Qld Cricket, Brisbane Roar, Qld Firebirds and Netball Qld, Brisbane Broncos and other sports at QAS and AIS.

A lifetime of being involved in Women’s Sports as a player, Sports Dietitian, coach and parent has lead to a passion for the health, wellbeing and performance of Female Athletes.  Kerry is currently involved in projects looking at Performance Health for Female Athletes – finding better ways to identify issues such as RED-s and be part of treatment teams to improve health and performance. 

At Brisbane Sports Medicine she enjoys working with team to assist with identification of RED -s and using nutrition to assist with return from injury, especially in the area of bone health.

Kerry’s Speciality Practice Areas:
Sports Nutrition – Female athlete health and Performance, RED-s Assessment and Nutritional Management, Nutrition to support Injury Management, The Adolescent Athlete – supporting growth, development and performance.